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We offer you creative consulting, graphic design, photography, social media management and web design. Delivered with a smile.

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As a small business owner, we know you're already trying to do it all. Hiring out marketing efforts can be one of the best time and money saving solutions your business will make.

Let Rockwell help you design and manage your online presence.

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Behind the Artist

Raquel Jackson, owner/artist is a compassionate and creative soul, using her talents to help people achieve their brand goals. She enjoys working with small business owners who also love what they do.

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"Raquel has helped give our brand a fun, fresh, new vibe. She is constantly offering up new creative ways of looking at things when it comes to marketing concepts for our business.”

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Small business blog…

Ninja Valentine

One of the perks of being a Graphic designer is that you get to make homemade Valentine cards for your kids to pass out to their classmates. My son is on a Ninja kick right now, getting books from the Library to read about real Ninja’s from History, and enjoys watching the Lego series on […]

Faithful in the Small Things

Everyday, we can be the Hero’s in our own story. Life present challenges that sometimes we can predict it’s coming, while other times we must take the cards we are dealt and simply choose how to face it and how we will react to it. Be a Hero in your life today, find strength in […]

Social Media, Best Practices for your Business

Not only is time and money limited for a small business, consider these social media practices that will help “boost your visibility and help engage your audiences at the same time.” I’ll share with you how to “Mix it up,” post user-generated content, use humor and ask questions!